Broken Arrow Showcase Classic-July 1-4, 2021-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


16/18U Midwest Regional

6 Game Guarantee – July 1-4, 2021

This event will begin on July 2nd at 8:00 AM.  All teams will have games on Friday and all teams will play 2 Exhibition games.  The games will be 1 and 1/2 hours finish the batter.
Extra games can be added for $60.00 per game (includes all fees) upon request and will be played on Thursday.  EXTRA games will be played on Thursday July 1st and COULD conflict with the skills camp.  The number of extra games will be based on availability and matchups.  The tournament itself is an all competitive 4 game guarantee played in our signature Power Bracket.  All games are 1 and 1/2 hours and require a winner.  The championship in the Elite Bracket will be 7 innings – no time limit.  To understand more about the bracket browse the “What is the Power Bracket?” tab.

Prize Package:

Prize package includes*:

Elite Bracket

  • Champions – 50% of the Prize Purse + Ind. Rings
  • Runner-up – 30% of the Prize Purse + Ind. Rings

Premier Bracket

  • Champions – 20% of the Prize Purse + Ind. Rings
  • Runner up –  Ind. Rings

Gold Bracket

  • Champions – Ind. Rings
  • Runner up – Ind. Rings

*Entry Fee is $895.00 and includes all umpire fees
*$100.00 per entry fee is allocated to the Prize Purse – thus the more teams that play – the BIGGER the purse.

*Stay with our Tier 1 Housing partners and receive 15 points towards seeding (8 room minimum).

*This tournament will be played by NCAA rules with some modifications.  One difference we offer is the option to utilize an XP (extra hitter) AND a DP/Flex in your line-up. Player age eligibility is determined by the age of the player on New Year’s Eve of the current year. Whatever the age – THAT is the age group all teams must play in each September which is the beginning of each competitive fiscal season. Our rulebook can be found on the homepage of Cowart Sports Events, Inc. under the ‘rules’ tab.

*Teams are NOT accepted into the event UNTIL their entry fee is received.  We will take as many teams as possible – however, first paid=first in.  This event could sell out!  Don’t miss out on one of the best events of the tournament season!

*This WILL be a recruiting ‘College Look’ event. Please open the COLLEGE SKILLS CAMP INFO tab for a list of schools attending.

CSE 16/18U Team Registration

Super 16/18U

2K5 Oklahoma Bombers-West
CoreSpeed Fastpitch
Illusions Gold 03 Pena – Joaquin, TX
Iowa Blitz Elite 15U
Oklahoma Athletics – Williams
Oklahoma Bombers 2K6 – Waltonbaugh
Oklahoma Diamondbacks 05/06-Broken Arrow, OK
Oklahoma Drillers
SK Sliders-Spring, TX
Texas Oilers SB 18U Odell-Rockwall, TX
Tx Bombers- Elizarraras 18u – Houston, TX
Texas Glory 05 – Texarkana Ar.
Texas Glory 18U Texarkana, Tx.


CURRENT CAMP CLINICIANS (Note this is always subject to change and availability)

Kansas Wesleyan University – KS

Tabor College – KS

McPherson College – KS

Southwest Assembly of God University – TX


Lincoln University – MO

Oklahoma Baptist University – OK 

Butler Community College – KS

Friends University – KS

Eastern Oklahoma State College – OK

Langston University – OK

Ottawa University – KS

Hesston College – KS

Asbury University – KY

University of Saint Mary – KS

Crowder College – MO

Marshalltown Community College – IA

Emporia State University – KS

Skills Camp

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Camp will consist of 4 defensive skill areas – pitching, catching, infield, outfield. Participants can choose 2 of the 4 skill areas and everyone will have an offensive session. NOTE: If taking a pitching clinic – you will need to provide a catcher who is NOT attending the camp. Following the instructional sessions, each camper will participate in controlled scrimmages facilitated by the clinicians. No more than 1 to 10 teaching ratio – value priced for $100.00/participant.

NCAA Compliance: All Cowart Sports Events, Inc. Sports Camps are NCAA Compliant and open to any and all entrants, limited only by space, age and grade level.



Meet and Greet

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Cowart Sports Events presents its signature “Meet & Greet” on opening night of the 16/18U Texas State Championships and Southwest Regionals!  This exciting event features an opportunity for all incoming Juniors (2023), Seniors (2022), or High School Graduates (2021) to meet face-to-face and interact with our fantastic college coaches in a “College Fair”-like atmosphere.  Last year, we had 19+ college coaches from 6 different states (TX, LA, OK, KS, MO, MS). Learn more about each of the schools and find the perfect place where you can take your game to the next level!  We hold this event every year and it continues to grow larger and larger because the coaches are eager to find new and rising talent for their programs! Some of these coaches are repeat attendees because they know that we host the best of the best teams from the state of Texas. This is a FREE event to all age-eligible tournament participants and no 16/18U games will occur during the event so everybody can attend.  Come play – get recruited!

Highlights of past Meet and Greet’s


Our signature power bracket is a 4 game guarantee format that contains NO POOL GAMES. It keeps equal competition together through “power” based match-ups and future match-ups. This gives all teams the ability to come and COMPETE at whatever experience level they play. New team??? – Got something for that. Experienced and looking for the best team matchups??? – Be careful what you ask for we got that too! All games are regulation time limits and REQUIRE a winner. All out – All the time! Teams begin in the same bracket in shotgun style format seeded by points. Through the outgrowth of games played – teams maneuver themselves into 1 of 3 divisions – Elite, Premier, or Gold. While all teams are competitive, some are more experienced than others. The tournament continues through these divisions with teams facing opponents that look just like them. All teams find their competitive place and then set their sights on the prize!


The Super 24 is the newest and most competitive form of CSE’s signature Power Bracket per age division. Everything is the same – from the 4 game guarantee.  ALL Bracket play & ALL games REQUIRING a winner playing for their own cash prizes.  HOWEVER – the only way into this division is to be at the top of your game!  If you and your team can’t get enough (when it comes to competition) or just want a continued challenge – this is for you!  Teams who enter the Super 24 are admitted by invite only AND desire THE MOST competitive matchups. Game after game after game it just gets tougher and tougher!  This bracket is sure to bring the regional competition you are looking for.  Not for the fainthearted or inexperienced!  But if you dare to climb the gauntlet – the spoils await at the top. 

Sounds like fun???  Tell us you want in on the Super 24, and introduce us to your team via our registration form located on our TOURNAMENT INFO AND REGISTRATION section.

Arrowhead Softball Complex
202 E 91st St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Broken Arrow - 2251 North Stone Wood Circle Broken Arrow, OK 74012 - $94.00/night

Holiday Inn Express & Suites at Bass Pro 2201 North Stone Wood Circle Broken Arrow, OK 74012 - $94.00/night


Cancellation & Rain Policies:

Teams remember we are all taking a chance by playing an outdoor sport.  No one has control over mother nature.  CSE, Inc. will do the very best to be fair with each individual circumstance.  

All teams should expect the possibility of a changed schedule including alternate dates, and altered game times due to inclement weather or other interruptions. Once again – CSE, Inc. will do everything possible to be fair to all involved. Additionally, entry fees may also be moved to another CSE tournament dollar for dollar.

COVID-19 RELATED CANCELLATIONS: If we are prevented by state or local regulation from being able to host the event WE WILL refund 100% of your money.  If you choose to withdraw from the event – our normal cancellation policies will apply which are listed BELOW.

FOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS – There will be a 35% administration fee for any team withdrawing INSIDE 16 days of the event beginning date. Please be aware that 15% of the entry could be retained to cover fixed administrative costs if the tournament is not played. Entry fee may also be moved to another tournament.

All events – There will be no refund given for teams withdrawal from an event once game schedules have been released OR inside 7 days of the tournament beginning date.  

After a tournament is started and the tournament has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, our policies are as follows:  

ALL EVENTS- If 1 game played – CSE, Inc. will refund 50% of the entry fee.  If 2 games played – there will be no refund.  

If inclement weather arrives, all games started equal games played.  There is a chance this tournament may not be completed due to field conditions. 

Bracket play is determined by winners & losers. 

CSE will always try to arrange schedules so the tournament can be completed and a winner announced if at all possible.  CSE, Inc. reserves the right to change the time limit or game configurations in order to accommodate for adverse situations.  However, Tournament Director reserves the right to alter,change,shorten,or eliminate whole portions of the event in order to bring it to a conclusion.   Forfeiture of games by teams during the course of the event will constitute FULL UMPIRE FEES for each game not played.  Additionally, teams may face permanent suspension from any future CSE, Inc. hosted and produced events.





We ask all parties to enter and exit each facility in a timely manner to ensure there is no congestion at the gates. All team meetings should be held outside of the gates to the complex and away from the entrance to avoid large crowds while people are entering and exiting. Please load and unload all equipment at your parking spot and not at the entrance.


All teams will warm up in the designated warm up area specified by tournament management.

Designated warm up areas will be behind the temporary fencing on each field.

The team listed on the top of the bracket game will automatically take the THIRD BASE dugout and will warm up behind the temporary fencing in LEFT FIELD. The team listed at the bottom will take the FIRST BASE dugout and will warm up behind the temporary fencing in RIGHT FIELD.

Teams will be asked not deviate from this area and choose a warm up location of their own.

All teams will remain in their warm up area until the previous game is concluded.  Teams will NOT congregate outside the fence of their particular field while waiting for the current game to finish.

 When your warm up is complete, please collapse and store all portable nets and other training/warm up equipment and make sure it is taken with you.


Teams will then walk from their warm up area straight into their dugout, this will help contribute to social distancing as well as crowd management.

 In the event the particular field you are playing on does not have temporary fencing, a tournament official will show you the designated warm up area upon your arrival at your field.


 Again – teams will NOT congregate outside the fence of their particular field while waiting for the current game to finish.

Each team will make an essential coach available 20 MINUTES prior to game time for pregame conference with officials and the coin flip, only ONE person from each team please. This is to practice social distancing and limit group congregation as much as possible. 

Pregame meeting location will be marked at each field.  

During pregame, the essential coach will be asked to VERBALLY verify that to the best of your knowledge all of your players are healthy and are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illnesses that would prevent them from playing or put others at risk.

 Please make sure all coaches and players have plenty of sanitation items such as:

– Hand sanitizers

– Anti-bacterial Wipes

– Any additional items to aid in efforts for personal hygiene/ cleanliness 


At the conclusion of every game, each team will be responsible for COMPLETELY cleaning their dugout and picking up every last bottle, piece of paper, and other form of trash and putting them into the trashcan inside the dugout. Please do this quickly and expediently.

Please exit the field immediately following the cleaning of your dugout

Please conduct your after game team meeting outside the gates of the facility again to allow for no accidental “crowd gathering”.  


Only the coach, pitcher, and catcher will be allowed in a defensive conference, and will practice social distancing.

If additional information needs to be conveyed to the other infielders, a second coach can speak with the left side infielders, and a third coach can speak with the right side infielders down the first and third base lines respectively, this can take place simultaneously.


 All players will refrain from hand to hand contact such as high fives, however high waves are encouraged.

At the end of each game, teams will line up down the first and third base lines and respectively wave across the field to their opponents. 


Pitchers will NOT be allowed to lick their fingers AT ALL.

Defensive nor offensive players will be allowed to spit into their hands or on the ground for any reason.

The first violation of this will constitute a warning.

Any second violations will bring an infraction.

All catchers and offensive hitters are highly encouraged to clean their defensive/offensive  helmets after every use or inning.

Players are highly encouraged to not practice head-first sliding into bases to minimize close contact on a tag play, however this is a suggestion and NOT a mandated rule.

Players are encouraged to sanitize their hands every inning upon returning to the dugout

Sunflower seeds will not be allowed in any facility.

Players will NOT be required to stay inside the dugout if they feel more comfortable outside the fence, however, all essential coaches will remain inside the fence and in the dugout during the course of their game.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO warm up swings with a bat, by a player, outside the fence.

Players must be ready to take the on deck circle when the previous play is completed.

Extra time will not be awarded to a batter who is outside the fence and not ready to play.

PARENTS –  There will NOT be an instituted spectator limit per player as we believe if everyone follows the guidelines below, we can accommodate everyone and give all family/friends the best opportunity to watch some great softball and have a wonderful experience – all the while being mindful of and adhering to social distancing.

 All parents are strongly encouraged to bring their own chairs vs. sitting in the bleachers to allow for distance seating.

Face coverings for spectators and other individuals outside the field of play is not mandatory, but encouraged.

All families are highly encouraged to bring their own food and drinks to the ballpark.

All ice chests whether team or personal will be allowed.

There will be NO alcohol or glass containers  allowed into the facilities.

Please refrain from entering the facility until the previous game on the field your team is set to compete on has concluded. 

When your game is finished – please exit the facility through the designated area.  Please DO NOT congregate and wait for your team to join you. This will allow for less “crowd-forming” as again – we all remain mindful of social distancing and allow for the next groups of spectators to enter the facility to enjoy their game.

Please wait for your team member OUTSIDE the gates of your facility when leaving the complex. 


 In an effort to be responsible and sensitive to all potential health concerns, all CSE staff will have their temperature taken upon entrance to their facilities each morning and verbally affirm that they are healthy and are not feeling symptomatic of COVID-19 or any other illness that could potentially affect themselves or others.  

If any staff are found to have symptoms of COVID-19, they will be asked to leave the facility immediately and will not return for the entire event.  

Copyright © 2020 CSE, Inc. 



Our new points system recognizes your loyalty!  The more you play with us, the better your seeding in our events.  Plus, your points follow you from event to event!  Our point structure is as follows:

  • Inaugural CSE Tournament Event – 5 points
  • Tournament Participation in CSE, Inc. 2021 Season Events (Season began August 1, 2020) – 5 points per event
  • Tournament Champion (all divisions) in CSE, Inc. 2021 Season Events (Season began August 1, 2020) – 10 points
  • Tournament Runner-Up or Final Four (all divisions) in CSE, Inc. 2021 Season Events (Season began August 1, 2020) – 5 points
  • Stayed with our Tier 1 Housing Partners – 15 points
    • maximum of 2 events are eligible




NWA Venom – 55
SK Sliders – 55
Texas Oilers SB 16U Smith – 50
Texas Outlaws Garcia 18u – 40
Athletics Jendro 16u Stewart – 30
Sneaky Cleats Elite – 30
Texas Oilers SB 18U Odell – 30
16u American Freedom Gold-Coon – 25
American Freedom Synergy – 25
Enid Select 04 – 25
NTX Blaze DFW 18U – Tapia – 25
Oklahoma Blaze 18U Gold – 25
BreakAway Speed 18u – 20
Frozen Ropes Stars – 20
Oklahoma Blaze 16U – 20
Proform premier CTX 18u Reyes – 20
Texas APEX Fastpitch – 20
Texas Glory 18u Texarkana – 20
Texas Sting 16U Futures – 20
16 DFW Athletics – 15
BeastMode-Escobedo – 15
Firecrackers Alamo City 16u – Felices – 15
Illusions Gold Reyes National – 15
Illusions Gold-Pena – 15
Ntx Blaze Layton – 15
Sneaky Cleats Gold Nationals 16U – 15
Texas Bombers HTX Gonzalez – 15
Texas Diamond Elite-Bentley 16u – 15
Texas Glory 05 Texarkana – 15
Wellington Rebels 16A – 15
16u Vision NTX – 10
Arkansas Platinum 05 – 10
CoreSpeed Fastpitch 18U – 10
Glory Adkins Polk – 10
Oklahoma Angels – 10
Sneaky Cleats Gold Snyder – 10
Texas Blaze – ATX – 10
USA National’s Premier Gold – 10
NTX Adrenaline – 5
One Team Fastpitch 18u – 5
Showtime CTX – 5
Texas Blaze – RRTX – 5
Texas Strikeforce Elite HTX – 5